Watch What Will Happen To You If You Always Drink Water While Eating

In most places, children are usually denied water while eating. The idea is that water causes indigestion or simply drains the nutrients in the food taken. Some parents even claim that drinking water will prevent the child from eating enough.

In places where there are many bedwetters, children are denied water while eating. This is from the idea that it will cause them to urinate at night. Whereas these habits have been going on, there has been some contestations against them.

This calls for the need to clarify whether it is good to drink water while eating. Are the assumptions above true? There is the need to also consider the effect of drinking or not drinking water while eating.

First, the human stomach is not like soil where a lot of water causes the nutrients to sink. It is good to emphasize that solid foods will need enough water to help break them down. Usually, when your body tells you to do something, it is necessary.

When you feel like urinating, farting, and drinking water, it is your body’ s natural way of telling you to rehydrate or remove unwanted material from your body. The same is true for the desire to drink water while eating; the body needs it to soften and aid the breakdown of food.

Second, drinking liquids does not necessarily mean the acid needed to dissolve the food would be diluted. The human body understands the need to increase stomach acid. It will produce more where necessary.

Last, before the water becomes urine, the necessary or relevant nutrients are absorbed. Never see your stomach as a gutter where flushing water through clears everything in it. That is why you take drugs with more water. Does the water flush the drug away and makes it ineffective? No!

Feel free to drink water while eating, however, swallow your food before drinking water so that it will be well- chewed. Do not also abuse water and take too much.

Drinking water while eating helps your body digest foods and flush toxins from your body. It is healthier and poses no health risk.

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