8 Signs that Show Your Kidneys are in Danger

Kidneys are one of the vital organs in the body system. Their main work is to remove toxins from the body through urine. These bean shaped organs are very essential that their malfunctioning will put your life at a greater risk.
Kidneys are internal organs and it is difficult to detect when they are not working properly. However, whenever your kidneys are not working as they should, there are some signs that show to inform you that your kidneys are in danger.

Here are the signs:

• Difficulty in sleeping

Whenever your kidneys are in danger, you may find it difficult in sleeping. The work of the kidneys are to remove toxins from the body but if they are not working properly, then it means they can’t remove toxins from the body. If there are too many toxins in your blood, you will find it difficult to sleep. However, certain caffeine products prevent people from sleeping so if you have not taken anything that will result in sleeplessness, then you need to visit your doctor.

• Headaches, fatigue and general weakness

Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body which energize the body. If you have few red blood cells, the more and faster you get weak. A hormone called EPO produces the red blood cells and it is the kidneys that produce the EPO hormones. Thus, if the kidneys are not working properly, they will not be able to produce the EPO hormones which is responsible for the production of the red blood cells. Due to this, it causes the body to grow weaker and tired.


• Bad breath and metallic taste in the mouth

When there are a lot of toxins in the blood, there is a feel of metallic taste in the mouth. Also, a lot of toxins and contaminations in the blood stream cause bad breath.

• Shortness of breath

When the kidneys are unable to remove excess fluid from the body, the fluid gets into the lungs and obstruct breathing. People who have chronic kidney disease experience anemia which mostly result in shortness of breath. However, there are other conditions that cause shortness of breath so having shortness of breath does not necessarily mean you have kidney problem. Nevertheless, if it persists, then you have to see your doctor.

• Swellings in the ankles, feet and hands

Whenever the kidneys fail to perform the way they should, extra fluid build up in the ankles, feet and hands leading to sodium retention. Sodium retention leads to swelling in these parts of the body.

• Lower back pain (waist pain)

Kidneys are located towards the lower portion of your back and it is no surprise that the lower back will hurt badly whenever there is a problem with the kidneys. However, lower back pain that is caused as a result of kidney problem is usually accompanied with sicknesses, high temperatures, vomiting and frequent urination.


• High blood pressure

The circulatory system and the kidneys are interconnected and they depend on each other to work successfully. Kidneys are made up of nephrons which filter waste and excess fluid from the blood. When the blood vessels get damaged, the nephrons become short of oxygen and nutrients which causes high blood pressure.

• Changes in Urination

One particular sign to look out for is changes in urination. Close attention must be made with regards to the smell and colour of the urine as well as how frequent the urge for urination is. Urinating 4 to 10 times a day is normal depending on the amount of liquid intake but anything above that especially at night is a sure cause for concern. Also, when there is blood or too much foam in the urine.

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