5 Reasons Why Marriage Has Become So Difficult Nowadays And Divorce Is On The Rise

Marriage is a union between a male and a female who have agreed to stay together as husband and wife. Usually marriage seems so beautiful and classy attracting even unmarried couples but soon after few months or years the once great lovers become haters.

Why have marriage become so difficult nowadays and divorce has become so easy. What is the problem?

Below are some factors attributed to it

1. Ego and pride: At first marriage was easy because women stayed at home, men brought money. A man comes home there is food. These days both of them must go out . Woman says the only thing you could give me was money and sex, I have money, I can buy sex, how useful are you? The man says the only thing you could give me was sex and food now there is a restaurant and the girl across the street is easier to handle.

How useful are you? People have to be good managers to handle marital relationships but this is an era that people cannot even manage themselves. It’s bad today, but sadly it will be worse tomorrow.

2. Both parties want to be right all the time: No apology, both parties want to be the head all the time and so no neck to support the head. Sometimes one have to lay low for the other but it’s like two capitians in the same boat.

This is because some people think marriage is all Rossy so the little problem they encounter, they are in a hurry to back out. Marriage comes with a lot of patience, maturity, diligence and sacrifice.

3. This is because most young people who wish or want to marry fail to understand, learn and gain more knowledge about the institution Marriage of which they want to enter.

We spend more time to study and gather a lot of knowledge about what we want to do eg. Our career, academics so we don’t fail.. We invest so much time in things we want to have or do before we finally get them but in the case of marriage as the first institution God established, we fail to learn or study about it when entering and so we end up failing or divorcing. We prepare so much for the wedding day. But fail to prepare for marriage and it’s dynamics.

4. People are so greedy, disrespectful and unforgiving nowadays: The slightest provocation and you see people’s true characters. In the olden days Couple lived to cleave because they were ready for the realities but in our modern days. It’s about higher expectation during and after the occasion but not for the Journey and it’s purposes.

So we meet lairs, pretenders, and cheaters , people who lack respect for each other and then taken others for granted in the name of Marriage.

5. People forget to teach thier partners how to grow and bond with them.

it’s all about sex, some don’t even pray at all. There are many methods of communication and connecting with people all the time, mobile phones , laptops through internet. People try to link up with others via these method and end up leaving their partners for the purported angel they have met on social media or met elsewhere.

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