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6 Things Every Girl Wants When You Kiss Them


You all have horrible kissing stories to tell, and it’s really funny sometimes because there are people who really don’t have it. Except that the girls, too, have memories of totally unpleasant kisses in mind. And you don’t want to be part of it! Rather, you want to be the one who managed to give her the best kiss she’s ever had. Because knowing how to kiss is a great asset for a man! It’s a big “turn on” for a girl, anyway, that’s for sure. I have for my say that a man who kisses badly also hurts love. It is intimately connected, it seems to me. So anyway, if you want to put the odds in your favor, here are 6 things every girl wants when they get kissed.

1. Be there in full

Are you in a room or a place with a girl? Be there 100%: don’t have your head in the office, in your problems or in your stress. A man who knows how to kiss is a man who knows how to take advantage of the present moment and who knows how to devote himself completely to the girl with whom he is.

2. Use your hands

Super important. You have two of them, and they can do wonderful things like hold our face, stroke our hair, or tickle our necks. Why would you leave them on either side of your body, then? Those who know how to kiss use both hands: it’s an extension of your body that makes your kiss much more memorable.

3. Never hesitate

Well, if the girl is not your girlfriend, obviously you have to recognize the signals she is sending you, whether she is open or not to kiss you. If you see that she seems attracted to you, now is the time to go for it. Then if the girl is your blonde, she definitely wants it at all times. So in general, the rule is never to hesitate, never . Anyway, a man who assumes and gets straight to the point, when he is sure of “his business” is what girls like. We want a real man, not a shy, indecisive guy. Women really don’t want to have in front of them a man who approaches, who is hesitant, who pulls back a bit and who, in the end, waits for them to do all the work. Phew, no.

4. Look her straight in the eye

Men who are good at kissing also know that it is important, sometimes, to take a break to look the girl in the eye , directly. Yes, it might be annoying, but I swear it works!


5. Don’t constantly have ulterior motives

I don’t know why, but all too often men kiss a girl in the hope that they will eventually get better . It’s as if kissing becomes a preliminary, and nothing more. Guys, when you do that, we know it and we realize it (and yes, a lot of times we find it boring ). It’s like just kissing a girl isn’t enough. Yet it should be, sometimes! A man who knows how to kiss is able to spend several minutes kissing a girl, without removing all his clothes and without hoping for more. In fact, a man who is good at kissing is able to appreciate the sheer pleasure of just, kissing.

6. Close your eyes


If I write it, it’s because I feel the need to. Why do some open their eyes while kissing a girl? It’s really, really, really weird . What is it that you want so much to watch with our eyes closed? It might come back a bit to point number 1, but closing your eyes shows that you enjoy the moment and are not distracted by what may be outside. Close your eyes, dive into your thoughts, not our closed eyes. Seriously, never kiss a girl with her eyes open again.

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