5 Ways To Identify Fake Pastors

The Bible says, “Not everyone who calls me Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.” It should come as no surprise, then, that there are many pastors who will never make heaven, even if they speak the loudest in tongues or have the largest congregation imaginable.

There are several false pastors on the prowl. They dress, speak and appear like real pastors, but they are actually fake. This article aims to guide you to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Below are 5 different ways to identify fake pastors in World.

They only preach sweet things.

A pastor shouldn’t just talk about how sweet God is; It should also tell you how severe God can be, especially when it comes to sin. He should not only preach prosperity; he should also preach salvation.

When you find a pastor doing the opposite, you don’t need a prophet telling you that the pastor is just a fake and hungry pastor looking for a quick buck or fulfilling a heinous agenda.

They lead without being able to lead.

A pastor should not just guide a Christian; he should also lead the Christian. The pastor needs only the facts of the Bible to guide his followers, but he will need the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide his followed.

If a pastor is unable to give you words directly from the Holy Spirit, or teaches you to avoid such revelations, then that pastor is wrong. Why is that? This is because anyone can read the Bible and use its contents to counsel others, but not everyone can hear the Holy Spirit and use the words to guide others; only true men of God have that privilege.

The pastor’s easy way of life.

If your pastor is the type who loves to take things easy and avoid offending his parishioners, then this pastor is a fake.

A true pastor will speak the truth of God’s Word to his church members even when it doesn’t go down well with the church members. A true pastor will tell you what God wants to tell you, but a false pastor will tell you what will make you happy.

Emphasize tithing more than other Bible truths.

A false pastor will try to place more emphasis on tithing and offerings, but will not want to tell you the importance of other scriptural truths. Such a pastor is a fake and hungry element trying to make a quick buck off his helpless parishioners.

laying on of hands.

Be wary of a pastor who just puts his hands on people’s heads without prompting or asking for prayer. Any pastor who seeks this is nothing but an agent of the devil. His uncontrolled and constant accretion of members is most likely a means by which he initiates his congregation into Satanism. So be careful with such ungodly pastors.

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