5 Natural Drinks Men Should Take Before S€x

As a man, what you consume before intercourse is very important if you want the process to go well. Consuming the right food can help to enhance your mood for intimacy. Studies have also shown that some drinks can help a man to have better intercourse if consumed before the act. Some of them include;

. Green onion.

According to “WebMD”, Green onions are widely used for cooking in this part of the world, but they can also be made into a natural drink. Information obtained from Iashindia has shown that green onions are aphrodisiacs. Blending and drinking this vegetable may help to boost libido and improve a man’s performance during intimacy. The drink is prepared by washing, cutting, and blending the vegetable with water.

. Carrot juice.

This is one of the most popular vegetables in Nigeria. The rich antioxidant and beta-carotene content in carrots makes them one of the best vegetables to eat before intimacy. The presence of beta-carotene in carrots functions to improve blood flow to the private organs, thus improving erection in men. Carrot smoothie is prepared by washing and blending the vegetable with water.

. Pomegranate juice.

According to “Everyday Health”, pomegranate juice has the potential to improve erectile dysfunction in males as it contains a high concentration of antioxidants, which improves blood circulation. Pomegranate juice can also lower the risk of heart diseases. So, we advise men to consume it before intercourse.

. Milk.

Have you ever thought about why a glass of milk is given to the newlyweds on their wedding night? It’s because milk helps you to have a healthy sexual drive. It is packed with nutrients and offers instant energy. As a man, make sure you are not lactose intolerant before gulping down a glass of milk before your love session.

. Banana juice.

Rich in an enzyme known as Bromelain, a banana can improve a man’s sexual energy and libido. It is advisable to drink a banana shake every day as it contains vitamins and nutrients, which provide energy and stamina. You can also drink a banana milkshake.

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