4 Reasons Why Your Eyes Might Be Watery.

Have you ever wondered why your eyes get watery sometimes? Most of the time, watery eyes can resolve on its own without treatment. But the condition can sometimes become a chronic problem.

There are certain eye reasons and health issues that can make your eyes tear up. In this article, I’ll be talking about some of the reasons why your eyes might be watery. See them below;

1. Eyelashes problem.

Most people have issues with their eye lashes. One or more might keep falling into your eyes, especially those that grows in a weird angle. Some grow inwards instead of outwards and they can rub against your eyes easily. This condition is known as “trichiasis” and it causes a whole lot of discomfort and excess tears. Visit a doctor or professional to remove the eyelashes or redirect it so it points in the right direction.

2. Allergies.

Watery eyes can also be caused by certain allergies. It could be a reaction to some certain foods such as onions, garlic and others. Watery, itchy eyes also comes with a cough, runny nose, and other allergy symptoms. If you are experiencing eye allergies, medicines and eye drops could help to reduce it.

3. Something may be in your eyes.

These days, most people complain of things entering into their eyes. It could be dust, dirt, and even flying insects. And when something gets into your eyes, your body makes more tears to flush it out. Even things that are too small to see, like particles in smoke or chemicals in foods like onions, can trigger this reaction. Once the particle is removed, your eyes will stop being watering.

4. Dry eyes.

You might have this problem because your body doesn’t make enough tears or because the tears dry up too fast. Lots of things can cause those issues, from windy days to medical conditions. Whatever the cause, your eyes react by making more tears.

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