4 Reasons Some Women Urinate During Sëx And What To Do

Urinating while having physical intimacy does not happen to men because the male reproductive system has a way of stopping urination while having intimacy. Only men who have had their prostate removed during prostate cancer surgery can experience this condition.

However, this has been a major challenge for some women who experience involuntary urination during intimacy. According to Healthline, some women experience this health condition for the following reasons:

1. Some women urinate during intimacy because of involuntary urination. It’s not something they planned to do, so they can’t control it.
2. The arousal they have during intimacy forces their bladder and urine duct to release some urine, especially when the muscles of their pelvic floor are weak.

The urine flows slowly during the climax because the muscles of her bladder are having an involuntary contraction. This shows that her bladder is hyperactive and makes her feel like urinating immediately.

3. Some women have a higher chance of urinating during intimacy when they are pregnant or after giving birth. If the nerves in their bodies are impaired due to diabetes or stroke, they will experience it.

If she uses certain drugs or her bladder is influenced by alcohol or caffeine, she has a higher chance of experiencing it.

4. Involuntary urination can also happen during intimacy when physical intimacy puts pressure on a woman’s bladder.

Women who experience urination during intimacy are advised to do some exercises that can strengthen the muscles of their pelvic floor. Kegel exercises will help you achieve this.
The exercise will be done when you are urinating and the muscles that you use to pause urination will be exercised.

This will also strengthen the muscles that hold your pelvic organs and the ring of muscles that shrinks to close the opening of your urination.

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