Pressure group, United Voices for Change has officially issued a statement declaring the group’s readiness to join hands with Yvonne Nelson’s team in the upcoming Dumsor must stop demonstration.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the group described as prudent the decision to join the actress to press on the government to find immediate solution to the present power crisis.

“United Voices for Change is pleased to announce, to the general public, our prudent decision to collaborate with Yvonne Nelson’s ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ demonstration. As a group of Ghanaians deeply concerned about the welfare of our nation, we have witnessed firsthand the severe challenges posed by the current electricity crisis,” part of the statement reads.

According to the pressure group, the persistent power flactuation reffered to as ‘dumsor,’ has negativity impacted the daily lives the the ordinary Ghanaian and the entire national economy.

Convener of the group, Sylvestin Ronald Antwi said his outfit is joining this demonstration not merely to protest but to serve as a voice for the millions of Ghanaians who are frustrated and disillusioned by the ongoing power crisis.

“Our participation is rooted in the belief that it is imperative to convey these frustrations directly to the government. We intend to emphasize the need for honesty and transparency regarding the electricity issue. It is crucial for the government to openly communicate the root causes of the power outages, the steps being taken to address them”.

He augued that the good people of this country entrusted their destiny into the hands of this government and that It is about time the government fulfilled its mandate by addressing the pressing concerns of the people.

He pointed out that Ghanaians deserve to be informed of why they are experiencing these power outages, what is being done to fix the situation, and when we can anticipate a return to stable electricity supply.

He noted such transparency will not only alleviate public frustration but also foster trust between the government and the citizens.

Sylvestin Ronald Antwi noted that U V C recognizes Yvonne Nelson’s ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ demonstration as an ideal platform for Ghanaians to unite and express our collective grievances.

He maintained that the planned ‘bumsor’ demonstration transcends political affiliations, emphasizing that the issue of power outages affects everyone, regardless of their political stance.

The United Voices For Change convener believes that through unity and collective action,citizens can drive the change needed to improve the quality of life for all Ghanaians.

He therefore encouraged all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation, to join be part of the intended peaceful demonstration scheduled.

Attached is a copy of the press statement

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