2 reasons why doctors wear green or blue attire during operation

If you have ever questioned why medical providers do surgery in green or blue gowns? It’s done for a reason, and I don’t mean a purely medical one. It’s not only a fashion statement or a stylish ensemble. If you’ve ever visited a hospital, you’ll understand why, since knowledge without application is meaningless, as the adage goes. We’ll go over that in more detail in the next paragraphs.

As said in the introduction, we’re going to look at the one reason why doctors wear green or blue robes when operating. If you’ve been wondering why anything happened, your worries may finally be put to rest since you’ll be given the facts.

Wearing green or blue clothes during treatment or operation helps the patient’s ability to see properly, according to WebMD. When a surgeon or doctor focuses on the colour red for an extended period of time, the red signal in the brain weakens, making it harder for the clinician to see the complete anatomy of the patient’s body. When working in the emergency department, doctors prefer to utilize blue and green because they help increase eye acuity (as opposed to red). To assist enhance eye acuity, physicians should gaze at various hues more often.

Second, it assists surgeons in lowering the risk of surgical errors. When a person’s visual acuity improves as a result of seeing blue or green, it becomes simpler for them to be sensitive to the many distinct shades of red, lowering the risk of errors during an operation or surgery. To put it another way, a doctor’s eye’s capacity to distinguish green or blue would make it more sensitive to changes in red, making it easier for the doctor to study the architecture of a patient’s body and reducing the chances of errors.

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