16 ways to identify cheap girls

Love said to be true but being in long lasting romantic relationship became problem. Most guys fall in love with the wrong person which lead to shorten or moving out of relationship. Now days girls don’t Fall in love but rather walk in love because of what she is gaining from the guy, more so they became cheap to other guys to grab. Below tips will help you identify such cheap girls very quickly

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1. Any girl who is living in a man’s house with no wedding, no marriage plans or the man didn’t paid her bride price but having sex with him because of what she is getting from him is considered as cheap girl.

2. Any girl that ask for money too often from you is a cheap girl, because when you’ve not been able to provide her that amount, she may take different guy or have intimacy for money.

3. If your girl is financially dependent meaning she is with because of your money. That can also be a clear sign.

4. If she felt uncomfortable in your presence, then she might be hiding something or cheating on you.

5. If your girl put restrictions for you not to meet her on public, meaning she has multiple traffic around the area.

6. Any girl that ask money from every guy is a cheap girl.

7. If she easily get annoyed and went out to sleep with her friends in their house.

8. If she always stayed focused with her phone instead of having a conversation with you is a cheap girl.

9. If you’re in the house but she’s with her friends at beach or night club is a cheap girl.

10. She’s cheap when she’s always free with everyone, smiling and playing a lot with guys. This will make her find it difficult to reject their proposal.

11. Any girl that doesn’t call her guy if the guy didn’t call her is a cheap girl. Because she has more important guys to chat before you are coming to bother her.

12. She’s very cheap, If she has no hobbies and passions. If your girl don’t prepared food at home or don’t do anything rather than sleeping, buying food outside is considered as cheap.

13. If you’ve dated her for long but she didn’t even ask anything about you, all what she does is to play with food, chat on her phone and look away can be a clear sign.

14. A girl the chooses very expensive clothes expecting you to paid is considered as cheap.

15. If she doesn’t care about of you.

16. If she always complaint about her dissatisfaction in bed.

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